Recent Updates

We have added the ability to track Transfers/AB.

In Mothers or Birth view, Antepartum Transfer has been changed to Left Practice and you have the option to select a number of relevant options.

This mother is now taken out of your mother and birth list and put in a new category (Mothers-Transfers/AB)

NOTE: If you previously selected yes for antepartum transfer, it has been changed to "Other". You can change them all individually, or contacting BirthTracks to change them all (if you have many). We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Also if you do not see a mother - if she previously had antepartum tranfer as yes, that mother is in Mothers-Transfers/AB

Count Births for you and your practice

Now each birth will be numbered chronologically. Each birth will have 2 numbers - one tracking for the midwife delivering the baby and also the practice. This will allow you to know at all times how many births you have done and also allow you to easier keep a tracking number with each birth.

The number will appear automatically when you view the birth.

To see statistics based on this value:

  • Click Stats - Tabular Data - Birth Count

If you would like to change your starting number (ie if you delivered 322 births before birthtracks, you would want to start on number 323:

  • For midwife - Click Settings - User Settings - Personal Info
  • Or for the practice - Click Practice- Practice Settings- Practice Info

Backup Your Data Easily

Your data is secure but it is a good idea from time to time to keep a backup for your records. BirthTracks makes it easy to quickly backup your data into Microsoft Excel.
To backup your data:

  • Click Settings - Data - Backup

The data will download as a CSV file on your computer.

You can then use excel to modify and graph the data. Remember to save the excel data to your "my documents" folder.

Find Births or Mothers

It is now very easy to find births or mothers using any criteria using BirthTracks.
To find a Birth:

  • Click Births - Find Birth

To find a Mother:

  • Click Mother - Find Mother

The Find Births page will open. You can select as many criteria as you want. (To add more options click on the right - add more search options)

When you click find, all births meeting those criteria will be returned. You can select any of those births to see the full information.

Add Users the Easy Way - ADMINISTRATORS ONLY

Administrators have 2 ways to add users to their practice. One way is to click Users-Add Users and fill in the information. The easy way is to give everyone in your practice the Add User Code and all them to add themselves.

To set the addUserCode:

  • Click Practice - Practice Information
  • Modify the add user code to your preference.

Give users:

  • Add User Code
  • Practice PassCode

Tell users to go to and have them fill out the registration information themselves (click Register-Register with a practice).

Keep Track of Additional Fields

Do you want to keep track of additional fields that are not normal BirthTracks variable? It is easy using additional fields. Your new fields are searchable and graphable.


  • Click Practices - Additional Fields

After adding fields, they will show up when you add, print

Give Users Read Only Access- ADMINISTRATORS ONLY

Administrators can add users so that they only have access to view data (not add, edit, or delete data).

To add a user with read only access:

  • Click Practices - Add Users
  • Check the box for read only access

The user will receive an email with their username and passcode. They will need you to give them the practice passcode.