The idea for BirthTracks grew out of my work in the birthing world for over 10 years. Frustrated with log books that made tallying statistics difficult, forgetting information when I got back to my office, switching settings and having little way to maintain my personal data, I began to dream about a computer-based, comprehensive, cohesive way to track statistics related to births.

As a CNM, I know how hard we work to provide quality care to moms and babies, and I had a strong desire to quantify the work that we do. But spending hours calculating statistics seemed onerous to our practice director. I wanted the ease of being able to enter data for my practice in the office, the hospital, or from my home, to see what all the midwives in my practice were doing, and I wanted to have a broad view of upcoming births.

Fortunately, my path eventually crossed with Jeff, an expert in computer design and programming (and a teacher at the school where my husband works). He immediately grasped my vision. When we started working together to develop something for my practice, we quickly realized that what we were creating could be used for any practice that was interested in tracking birth statistics.

After using BirthTracks for several months, trialling it with other practices, and honing in on exactly what was useful and relevant to all providers, we decided to officially launch our site.

What we have created in BirthTracks is a system that allows midwives to spend more time being "with women" and less time busy calculating how our being "with women" works! We know that you will agree, and look forward to having you join the BirthTracks family.


Leah & Jeff



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